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Our School Safety Communications Initiative (SSCI) includes specially priced equipment for educational institutions. » Schools


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With talk range in more than 20 South Texas counties, we have the largest footprint, clearest audio and best support available in the area.  » Airtime

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Our rental radios provide dependable, affordable communication solutions for any event. » Rentals



National Warranty Service Center provides “best in class” service and repair.  » Service

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Top 21 Consultants in the US By Mission Critical Communications

Top 21

For 45 years, S&P Communications has provided communication solutions for wireless users throughout Central and South Texas.  From two-way radio sales and service to mobile installations and two-way radio rentals, our team ensures that you receive the right components for your unique needs.  


S&P also has experience in larger systems like bi-directional antenna systems (BDA) for public safety, in-building communication repeaters, and complete system design and builds. No project is too large or small for us.

From wide-area airtime dispatch to networked trunking systems supported by high quality subscriber equipment, our commitment is to provide coverage, security and flexibility in a system built for you.



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SA: 210-656-5073 / 800-741-5073

Austin: 512-863-5129 / 888-836-5129