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School Safety

Our School Safety Communications Initiative (SSCI) includes specially priced equipment for educational institutions. » School Brochure Download


Our Coverage

With talk range in more than 20 South Texas counties, we have the largest footprint, clearest audio and best support available in the area.  » Airtime

Long Range

Rental Radios

Our rental radios provide dependable, affordable communication solutions for any event. » Rentals



National Warranty Service Center provides “best in class” service and repair.  » Service

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S&P Communications Official Website

S&P Communications, founded in 1972, is a full service turn-key systems solutions provider for wireless communications to users throughout Central and South Texas. We take pride in our wide range of technical and engineering expertise and our ability to provide innovative solutions for each customer’s unique requirements. We are here to solve customer’ problems, with a focus on innovation, integrity, offering a good value and honoring our commitments. From UHF community repeaters to digital networked trunking systems supported by high quality subscriber equipment, S&P Communications has made a commitment to our customers to provide the coverage, security and flexibility you need in a system that has been designed and built to offer reliable, wide-area communications throughout the region.

Products we Represent

We represent top of the line products for the two way radio industry and are proud to be associated with these top brands: Kenwood, Motorola, Nexedge, MotoTRBO, Otto, and Power Products. Kenwood land mobile portables, mobiles and custom systems are acknowledged as a top choice for government, business and industry in over 120 countries. Motorola two-way radios are the go-to technology for enterprises around the world – connecting people wherever they need clear, instant and reliable communications. Otto specializes in accessories including surveillance kits, headsets, speaker mics, tactical, fire and HAZMAT communications requirements. Nexedge is designed to meet the highest demand of today’s radio system environment and to provide users with a multitude of Nexedge-abilities to transform their demanding daily operations. MotoTRBO brings all the benefits to push-to-talk communications into an incredibly powerful tool to take productivity, efficiency and safety to a whole new level.

Services we Provide

Services that we provide to our customers include FCC frequency advisory and licensing, point to point broadband, in-building antenna systems, TXedge digital dispatch wide area SMR network, equipment repair and maintenance, rental radios, equipment leases, customer radio communications solutions, GPS and vehicle messaging, and turn-key radio systems.

Two-Way Radio Custom Solutions

S&P Communications is first to market with digital two-way radio offering your business the most advanced features and largest coverage in Texas. We offer an integrated cellular PTT solution, to a low cost GPS alternative, a text messaging solution to your mobile workforce, and have the dependability of ruggedized two-way radios on a communications platform built for your business. When it comes to tough problems that need customized solutions we are the company that provides the answers.

Continuous Support for Customers

A team of installation experts will be on your premises at a time that is convenient for you and won’t leave until the job is completed. We pride ourselves on doing it right the first time and are always available for ongoing support even after the job is finished.

Rental Radios for Every Occassion

Whether you need mobile and portable radios for a day, week, or month, our pricing and our top quality equipment are your guarantee of communications without interruption. Choose your frequencies and use our system or yours, we can create cost effective and worry-free rental radio program.

Largest Coverage Area in Texas

The TXedge Digital Wide area SMR network is unequalled in central and south Texas for coverage. We are first to market with digital two-way radio, which means your business can get the most advanced features and largest coverage in the state of Texas. We offer an integrated cellular PTT solution, a low cost GPS alternative, Texas messaging and all with radios rugged enough or any business.

Professional System Sales

Our technical and engineering expertise means we can recommend, engineer and install a system that matches your coverage and performance requirements, while giving you ultimate flexibility in a system you can rely on for years.

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