Reach a Higher Level of Efficient Communications with the KENWOOD NEXEDGE System










  • Fully Equipped for Digital & Analog Modes
  • Clear Backlit Display
  • User Friendly Controls
  • Operating Ease
  • Rugged Construction
  • All-weather Reliability



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Educator Communication Challenges

A primary concern for educators, regardless of the size of the campus or district, is communications in-building, on-campus and across the district:

  • How do we keep students safer in the classroom, on the school bus and at after-school events?
  • How do we know where our staff is located at any given time?
  • How do we respond to emergencies and communicate with our staff when that happens?
  • How do we quickly coordinate with local first responders when outside emergency support is required?
  • Do we practice regularly with first responders so in case of emergency we remember what to do?
  • How do we ensure our bus drivers comply with distracted driver rulings that ban holding a mobile telephone while operating a commercial motor vehicle?
  • How do we monitor buses and manage routes?

Radio communications successfully addresses these challenges by keeping staff connected, students secure, and administrators, parents and the public confident:

  • Reaching administrators, staff and bus drivers anywhere they go with voice and data.
  • Improving safety and security across the district and around campus.
  • Providing instant communications with public safety and direct responders.
  • Keeping every department connected easily and seamlessly.
  • Improving response time, logistics and staff coordination.
  • Maximizing investment and infrastructure.
  • Meeting shrinking budgets cost-effectively.


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